Welcome to the Crowdfunding Program!

If you've been invited to this page because we want to help you raise the funds you need for your project. Crowdfunding is an excellent strategy to raise a smaller amount of funds or to raise enough operating funds to get into our syndicated loan program.

Crowdfunding is allowing large groups of people combining their economic power to support an organization, company, project, or cause they believe in.


  1. You have an idea
  2. We create a profile on various crowdfunding platforms depending on the program you chose.
  3. Tell the crowds. We share on our social media networks and you share on yours.
  4. The crowd pledges cash in return for rewards.
  5. Supporters usually share with friends and their networks.
  6. Hit your target and turn your idea into reality.


Donation Based: Allows charities, or those who raise money for social or charitable projects to gather a community online and enable people to donate to a specific cause.

Reward Based: Enables people to contribute to projects and receive non-financial rewards in return. Usually this works in a tiered system where the money you donate, the better the reward.

Lending Based: Projects or businesses seeking a loan apply through the crowdfunding platform and upload their pitch . Members of the crowd contribute small amounts of the overall loan.

Equity Based: Enables the crowd to invest for equity or profit sharing in the business or project. This form of the model has been the slowest to grow due to regulatory restrictions that relate to this type of fundraising.

Pre-Order: Enables the crowd to pre-buy your product for later delivery, giving them first use of the product. This is e very strong strategy for product based projects or businesses.


There are hundreds of platforms available. Some specialize on the type of model you want to use to raise your funds. Knowing which platforms to use and how to design the platform to attract and convince people of the crowd to support your cause is what makes a successful campaign. You look up some of these platforms. You can do it yourself for free or hire us to do it for you. We have strategies for successful platform strategies that will increase your chances of a successful raise. Some of the most unique and successful platforms are: 1) Kickstarter, 2) Indiegogo, 3) CrowdFunder, 4) Funder.

  1. There is a process you have to follow and get done within the next 2-3 days before we can move forward. As you complete them, come back top this page and complete the next step:
  2. Send your business plan and financial statements to ramon@exitplan.pro , if you don't have it yet we will work with you to get it done, skip to step 2.
  3. Go to www.exitplan.pro/apply and complete the loan request form. Download the Customer Service Agreement and review it. I will your Loan Request Form and business plan to start creating the strategy for your campaign.
  4. Complete, sign, and notarize the "Customer Service Agreement" you downloaded after submitting the loan request form and return it to ramon@exitplan.pro . If you did not download it, download it here: www.exitplan.pro/success_agreement.pdf
  5. Send us pictures and any supporting documentation which will prove that you are legitimate and will be successful if the crowd supports your project.
    We will strategize the reward program depending on the model you decide will be best for your campaign.
    Click here for a list of documents that are helpful and required in helping us put your campaign together.
    Thank you for completing this process. I am excited to help fund your project.